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Maintaining [23 Jun 2016|08:44am]
Perhaps it's time?
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Placemarking [06 May 2015|01:54pm]
To him in the know, a new post appears elsewhere.
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Buehler? [16 Aug 2013|08:55am]
Is anybody out there?
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hmmm [19 Jul 2010|05:42pm]
something is needed.
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r.i.p. [27 Aug 2006|08:00pm]
Tom (furmuslbulk) replied to your LiveJournal post, and said:

just an FYI: I know several people, myself included, who know the true identity of this writer. Of course it doesn't make me enjoy it any less.

Write on!

this has decided it for me. this journal is closed.
regardless of what people know, or think they know, i have asked that my privacy be respected. some folks find that too much to ask. fine. the result is this space is over. most posts are already gone, and chances are (given that this is going out on a sunday night) that by the time you read this the rest will be gone.

i have enjoyed sharing with you. well, most of you. i have appreciated the kind words, the friendships formed and the virtual embraces offered. i'm sorry it had to come to this.
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this is my space [23 Aug 2006|07:03am]
one reason the entries in this space can be so free is that i have chosen to be truthful behind the easy barricade of this persona. identifying information has been stripped away, so that i can be as forthcoming as possible. it doesn't help, then, when i receive communications seeking to break through the fourth wall.

if i wanted to communicate other than through this space, i'd do so. intimations, attempts to flush me out and other methods of attempted control only affirm for me the growing suspicion that men can't let well enough alone.

although you're with me on this journey and i enjoy having you, i am fully capable of ending this journal.

enjoy my adventures. that's all.
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